South Florida Lighting, Inc.

For every park is important that the lights create a sense of security and at the same time a warm environment to relax at them, that was the main objective to achieve on Evelyn Greer Park, located on a residential zone called Pinecrest, Miami, FL.

Lighting is one key detail in the retail and supermarket industry.  We proudly assist Restaurant Depot and Winn Dixie Supermarkets achieve easy-to-install and very low maintenance production hall lighting that saves time and money.  We assist in providing products that will improve visibility for precision work, color and a great customer experience all over the United States.

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Enhancing art is one of the benefits that can be achieved using LED technology, a goal proudly achieved in none other than the Brumidi corridors located in the Senate of the United States Capitol.

In the hotel industry having a warm and welcoming environment is one of the most important aspects of a hotel, without a doubt at the Jade Hotel in Brickell, expectations were met thanks to the correct lighting provided.

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